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Tantra and Tao

-the techniques for man- 


" The path consists in controlling ejaculation, having multiple orgasms, opening the heart , connecting to the higher Self... 




"Men learn to control ejaculation and achieve more orgasms, find out is inner source of power and wisdom "


 The ancient sexaul teaching has the objective to live longer and live love with more contentment,  allowing even the youngest to be open to a comprehensive

sex education and healthy spiritual.



" Make love as long you desire !"

" The practice helps to hold ejaculation

and keep going to make love as long you want!" 

"It is a practice that every person in a good state of health can practice.

The practice also leads to understand the importance of not unnecessarily

disperse semen, the orgasm is an experience of high and intense energy and

it lasts much more, rather than the ejaculation,

that it is an intense pleasure but very short. "

Always ejaculate at the end of any relationship is not healthy over time.
Man should ejaculate as little as possible without sacrificing the pleasure and the joys of the sexual act.
Ejaculating we loose our energy,vitality and vigor.
Avoiding to ejaculate we can have more orgasms and store the seed, then energy and strength.
The sexual energy naturally rises through the body, but often this current is blocked
by the arrival of ejaculation.
So many men do not have the opportunity to become aware of the energy
they have and the depth of orgasm that can be experienced.
Through practice we balance our energies also within us.
The ancient Taoists talked about Yin and Yang (the male principle and female principle) to indicate that health is determined by the balance of these two polarities within us. Preserving and transforming our seminal energy we access to a higher level of awareness and physical strength.

The practice teaches you to avoid ejaculation and open up

to multiple orgasms,

orgasms that are repeated during intercourse.

The seed may not even be dispersed at the end of the intercourse, the energy has been converted and transferred to the organs. The seed can be  stored for all the time that you desire

(for weeks, months or even years).

The practice is totally safe for health.

 Health improves and the immune system becomes stronger!

The practice once learned it is very easy, I would say natural. 

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Contacts : 

Sol : 0039 3475135945 

Skype : Liviosol5 


With the techniques:



- You know your sexual energy and how to manage it

- Transform your sexual energy into spiritual energy  

- You learn to have multiple orgasms

- Stop premature ejaculation forever

- Powers your erection and your resistance

- Increases and improve your sex drive

- Learn to store the seed

- Create a strong and intimate relationship 





Sexuality deepens and leads to know each other deeply.

This practice gives strength and satisfaction.

" We become Masters of our Sexual Energy, we own the tecnique! "

We learn to drive and control our sexual energy, which is vital for our health, 

our satisfaction and spiritual evolution.

It also can be useful in case of:

- Premature Ejaculation

- Nocturnal pollutions

- Impotence

The retention of the seed is a spiritual practice that originated in antiquity of mankind,

retain the seed is to conserve precious energy.

Moreover the seed is dispersed, unless it is not to generate a child, it is an unnecessary

loss of energy. An overload of unnecessary work for our body!!

The real energy that is exchanged is during intercourse, if not for the seed used to procreate it is not absorbed or re-used by anyone, not even by the woman.

Indeed, it is a practice that leads to longevity, because since we learn how to retain the seed every day, we save about 30% of energy. So we can use all this energy for what we want!

To improve our health, to increase sports performance, to play with kids, to study, to evolve.


" The gift that we do to the woman is the one that we no longer have the objective to achieve something. We have the chance to be with her to make love all the time we desire,

getting in deep harmony together and reaching sexual ecstasy. "

sacred sex

Sol Livio




I teach for 10 years in the field of shamanic practice, Tantra, Tao, Numerology and Ayurveda.

Co-founder of the association "Spazio Uomo" based in Milan ( Italy)


I think for men, our happiness is also connected to our satisfaction in sex.


We are connected  to the sexual sphere strongly, our esteem in ourselves comes often from pleasure we can draw from this experience, which can be frustrating or extremely fulfilling.

When I learned the tao technique my conception of sex is completely changed. I found confidence, spontaneity,


I traveled a lot and I had the good fortune to meet effective teachers who taught me the Taoist techniques for holding the seed.  My health has improved. 

I experienced more vitality and inner satisfaction


Ejaculation is a peak experience, the pleasure lasts just a little. With these techniques you love how long as you want to, even for hours. 

Making love becomes an ecstatic and immersive experience stimulating all our senses!

Every time you make love is in order to meet yourself and to meet the other deeper and deeper.


My life has changed as the perception that I have of myself.

With practice you acquire safety, strength, health, centering, happiness and

you find your true power as a man.









2009 - 2011 - Diploma 7 steps - 7 Chakra - Lifewingsmethod®
2010 - Osho - Active Meditation ( Milano, Varese)
2010 -  Brazil  Diet e Shamanism ( Brazil )
2011 - Tantra - Men's Circle - Maithuna - Zadra
2011 - Hatha Yoga - Angioletta fasano ( Asti, Italy )
2010 - 2012 - Diploma : Ayurvedic Massage Tiari (Genova)
2010 - 2012 - Core-Energetic & Bioenergetics - Sergio de Benedetti (Como)
2010 - 2013 -  Diploma : Nidan Chikitza - Ayurveda Medicine and care - Tiari (Genova)
2012 - Panchakarma, Ayurveda ( Genova, Italy)

2012-2013 - Mexico shamanic maya tolteca Retreat ( Chiapas, Mexico)

2013 - One week Retreat- Imprinting -  ( Willy Maurer, Svizzera)
2014 -  Brazil  Diet e Shamanism ( Brazil )
2014 : Tantra e  Tao - Thailandia - Chang Mai
2014 - 2016 - Healing Tao - Mantak Chia -  Tao Yoga, Tai Chi, Chi kung, Yin Yoga
(Tao Garden, Thailand - Chang mai)
2016 - Rebirthing ( Varese, Italy)
2016 - 2018 -  Learning Love (Module I - II, Krishananda and Amana, Tabish)

2016 - One week Retreat with Tabish - Shame and guilt, how to heal them

( somatic Experience )

2017 - One week Retreat - Fear and empowerment - Tabish ( Somatic Experience )

2017 - Being Festival - Portugal - Workshop and conference - Counscioius Sexuality 

2017 - teacher school of counseling CO-BEING® Tao of sexuality  and Numerology

2017 - 2018 -  Somatic Experience (by Claudio Naranjo, with Massimo la Stella)
2018 - co-founder of the Association " Spazio Uomo" ( Milano - Italy)
2018 - Certified Yoga teacher Yoga Alliance 300+h ( Laxman Jhula, India)


2019 -   Vision Quest - Tenerife

2020 - Diploma Counselor  school CO-BEING® ( 3 Years ) (SIAF ITALIA / SC-13/09)

2020 - Divine Masculine Course ( CENTRE OF EXCELLENCE )

2020 - Tantra Course  : Tantra -  Sexo Amor y Conciencia - Sajeeva Hurtado

2020 - Curso Sexual Yoga - David Deida

2020 -   Vision Quest - Tenerife

2020 : Tantra Course  : Tantra -  Pulso Tantrico  - Sajeeva Hurtado

2020 - Taoist Inner Alchemy Retreat - Mantak Chia 

Supreme Inner Alchemy Level II

[Loving Energy that Heals, Multiorgasmic & Iron shirt I]









Italy - Portugal - Sloveny

Tenerife - canary Islands


During the groups (do not include nudity) you have the chance to work in pairs and to explore further the intimacy, the energy and its movements and

the exchanges Yin & Yang...In an endless stream!
The Weekend Workshop in Italy



Contacts : 

Sol : 0039 3475135945 

Skype : Liviosol5